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If you've ever said...

"If I could just get more people in the door..."

"Marketing is so complicated!"

"I need to clone myself -- just to handle inquiries."

"I'm so sick of f$%king ZAPS! I need ONE platform."'s time to try Lead Savage.

Get More Leads

Attract potential clients with a true marketing system

🔥 Intuitive funnel builder

🔥 Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

🔥 Dozens of pre-built funnels, landing pages, and websites

🔥 Contact forms that WORK

🔥 Social Media Scheduling

🔥 Facebook Ads Builder

🔥 Helpful website chat widget

Book More Clients

Powerful Automations and Lead Management

🔥 Multi-platform inbox

🔥 Automated e-mail & text nurturing

🔥 Online self-scheduling for consultations and bookings

🔥 Built-in contract and payment functionality

🔥 Kanban-style lead tracking

🔥 Internal inquiry alerts

Make More Money

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

🔥 Get your time back.

🔥 Use that time GROWING your business, not drowning

🔥 Use your time to book more shoots.

🔥 Insightful analytics tell you what's working

Streamline & save

Lead Savage replaces all of these subscriptions:

🔥 CRM & Pipeline Management

🔥 Sales Funnels

🔥 Website Builder

🔥 Surveys & Forms

🔥 Email Marketing

🔥 2-Way SMS Marketing

🔥 Booking, Calendaring, & Appointments

🔥 Workflow Automations

🔥 Call Tracking

🔥 Social Media Scheduler

🔥 Document Signing & Contracts

🔥 Courses & Communities

How many of these are you already paying for?

Time to switch, streamline, and save.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a CRM. How is this different?

Lead Savage is not a traditional CRM, it's a marketing tool to help you get more leads and move them through the nurturing process. With a robust funnel and landing page builder, powerful automations, two way SMS and more we're like peanut butter & Jelly when combined with your current CRM.

Can I use a custom domain for landing pages and funnels?

Of course! Every funnel or website will be branded with a subdomain of your URL. Don't worry, we'll help you set it up too!

Do you offer support?

Yes! We have live zoom support 5 days per week as well as a huge library of articles and videos. Plus, we offer two mastermind meetings per week to keep you accountable. Morning Marketing keeps you up to date on modern marketing methods and ideas on marketing and lead conversion, while Tech after Dark on Thursday evenings is all about advanced tech and automation buildout!

Will you help me set it up?

Every new account receives guided onboarding to make sure you're set up correctly. Our QuickStart videos will have your first campaign launched in no time!

Am I going to pay more as my list grows, like I do with the other guys?

That's the best part -- unlike your MailMonkey, Lead Savage offers UNLIMITED subscribers, websites, funnels, forms, social media scheduling, review requests, automations and more. Plus, we include enough monthly email and sms message credits that the average studio won't exceed. Visit our pricing page to learn more

WHat happens if I cancel?

You're welcome to cancel your subscription at time by visiting Once you request for you account to be closed, your subscription will be cancelled at the end of the current billing cycle.

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Lead Savage is your all-in-one marketing and automation solution! Made for photographers, by photographers.

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